Thoralf Severin

  • Name: Thoralf "Toffel" Severin
  • Preferred Format: Commander, Standard, Draft


I have been playing since Nemesis, and have never taken a break since then. If you show me any random Magic card from history, chances are I know it and chances are I've played it.

Have you ever met one of those people who see the bigger picture behind the smaller details? That is me with cards. I look at a card and immediately see its hidden potential. I am also the best with words. I have the best words.

I have played a lot of Magic and I hope to pass that experience on to my readers. My aim is to help readers with Magic strategy, finance, and most of all, finding the fun in Magic, whether you're a Spike, Johnny, Timmy, or any other kind of player. Fun is the sole reason why we play Magic. Oh, and money. Sometimes, mostly for the money.

So, let's figure out what the best card in a Standard deck is, what will break your favorite Commander deck, and which cards look so stunningly beautiful, you just have to have them in foil.

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How to Predict Limited Environments with M19

Di Toffel (2018-07-05)

M19 is right around the corner and probably everybody who will draft it at a pre-release is wondering what to expect. Will the latest expansion's gameplay be fast or slow? Let’s take a look at some points of my Limited evaluation for the new Core 2019 set.

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The Eldest Reborn - GP Top 32

Di Toffel (2018-06-21)

It was love at first sight. A natural 3-for-1 with the ability to steal your opponents' planeswalker is a dream come true. Of course, it is not the easiest to build around, but the payoff is amazing. Well, our own Toffel is up to the challenge of talking about The Eldest Reborn in standard!

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Pro Tour Dominaria Report

Di Toffel (2018-06-06)

Do you want to get a little insight into German preparation for Pro Tour Dominaria? Join Toffel as he explains exactly how he attacked Limited and which decks his team considered for Standard, as well as which decks came short of dealing with a meta defined by an omnipresent Goblin Chainwhirler.

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When to Play or Draw in Limited

Di Toffel (2018-05-29)

Considering this choice doesn’t come up too often, but it is easy to overlook the right choice out of pure habit. You might, like so many, just play first by default, but there are some key factors that make playing second the right decision in many situations, especially in Sealed.

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First Picks in Dominaria

Di Toffel (2018-05-14)

Sometimes your life is as easy as opening Karn, Scion of Urza, leaving you with no decision whatsoever. But most of the time, the first pick is quite difficult and sets the tone for the picks to come. In this article, I look at some booster pack and which cards I would pick from them.

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