Quelles sont les nouveautés? Quelle nouvelle édition de Magic arrivera bientôt et quelles sont ses cartes les plus importantes? Es-tu intéressé par les nouveaux produits de Magic: L'assemblée? Cette catégorie est pour les gens qui se posent ces questions.

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The Most Powerful Rares of M19 for Standard

par ChristianS (2018-07-12)

Last time, I talked about the new Elder Dragons and Planeswalkers of the latest Core set. This time around, I'm writing about the most powerful rares of M19 for the Standard format. While the best cards of M19 seem to be Elder Dragons, there are still some good rares which could impact Standard. M19 focused a bit on tribals, but there are also other cards with potential.

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Planeswalkers and Dragons in M19

par ChristianS (2018-06-29)

Core sets are back and our reviewers are raring to let you know what cards matter for which formats! Chrstian is taking a look at the core set in Standard over the next few weeks. Here, he tackles two cycles in M19 - Planeswalkers and Elder Dragons, and judges their merit in the upcoming Standard.

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Pick Six: Looking at Six Cards from M19 for Modern

par HansD (2018-06-28)

New sets mean new cards for Modern, and Hans combed through M19 looking for cards that might catch his attention. He's found six cards that he wants to talk about in the context of Modern viability, so reading this week's article is the only way to find out what he has to say about them!

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Dominaria Set Review for Modern

par Rone (2018-04-24)

Dominaria's release is on the horizon and that means once thing for Modern players: time to brew decks and figure out which cards help which archetypes. This time, we have lots of reprints, awesome callbacks, Historic Spells and the new Enchantment mechanics: Sagas.

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Cube Picks: Dominaria Top 10

par SanchoN (2018-04-17)

What hidden treasures does the cornucopia of Dominaria have to offer cube builders? Jump on the nostalgia bandwagon with Cubes for Squares as we pick our top ten cube cards from Magic’s most eagerly awaited new expansion.

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