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As a Magic player Tobi Henke once won a Grand Prix, as an author he wrote several hundred articles about Magic, and as part of Wizards of the Coast's official event coverage team he can be found at events all over Europe. For Cardmarket, he works on the MKM Series and is a frequent contributor to Insight.

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One Mean Deck: Grixis Energy

de TobiH (2018-02-12)

Grixis Energy picked up right where Temur Energy left us and has quickly become the new top dog of today's Standard. However, it's hard to tell what the best version may look like or even to know what to expect when playing against the archetype. Data analysis is needed!

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Notes from the Battlefield: Modern at MKMS Frankfurt 2018

de TobiH (2018-02-02)

Time to take a look back at the Modern main event of the 2018 MKM Series Frankfurt! With 613 players, this tournament provided more stories than we could ever hope to fit into the official event coverage. There's still a lot to be said about several noteworthy players and their equally noteworthy decks!

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Notes from 30 Drafts with Rivals of Ixalan

de TobiH (2018-02-01)

After 30 Booster Drafts, the new Rivals of Ixalan format begins to take shape. What works and what doesn't? What are the strongest colors, combinations, tribes, and cards? How fast is the environment and just how much emphasis can, or must, be put on cheap creatures?

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Notes from the Battlefield: Legacy at MKMS Frankfurt 2018

de TobiH (2018-01-26)

Time to take a look back at the Legacy main event of the MKM Series Frankfurt 2018! We got famous folks featured on video, exciting decks making it all the way to the finals, great games all around, and an MKMS Power 8 player as a champion. Here's what you might have missed!

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Notes from the Battlefield: Standard at MKMS Frankfurt 2018

de TobiH (2018-01-23)

The story of Standard at the MKM Series Frankfurt 2018 wasn't just all energy all the way. Especially now, after the banning, it's worthwhile to look at all the other decks that did well in the tournament before turning our attention to where Rivals of Ixalan might take us from here!

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