Ryan Scicluna

  • Name: Ryan Scicluna
  • Preferred Format: Draft, Sealed, Planechase, Commander


I love TCGs. I started playing the Pokémon TCG when it came out; I transitioned to Yu-Gi-Oh! when it was released; then I discovered MTG by attending events at my local game shop. Now, I have been playing MTG casually for more than 10 years. As an academic librarian, I was immediately fascinated by MTG lore, always reading about characters and different planes. This has led me to play the game more casually and to experience different formats and game styles.

I like staying up-to-date with how the game is developing, and I frequently watch Pro Tours and other matches online to learn from competitive players. Even though I don't play competitively, I like seeing what new strategies are being used, which cards are seeing the most play, and how new players achieve amazing victories.

I enjoy introducing new players into the game and seeing their different takes on the cards. Currently, I am hosting an MTG club at the public library of Malta for anyone who is interested in learning.

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Zombie Armies in Dominaria

de RyanS (2018-06-21)

The hot topic in Standard right now is the dominance of Goblin Chainwhirler and rise of a "solved" format. That's all fine and well, but our own Ryan S has other plans for Standard. In this article, He explores two casual Standard builds around his favorite Dominaria card and its zombie army.

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Playing Pauper with the Soul Sisters

de RyanS (2018-05-02)

I came across an interesting Soul Sister’s combo deck at my local LGS. This got me thinking about Soul Sisters in Pauper and, in this article, I take a look at three different version of Soul Sisters for Pauper each a little different from the other.

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What's Brawl and Should You Care

de RyanS (2018-04-03)

On Thursday the 22nd March, Wizards of the Coast introduced a casual new format for Magic players – Brawl. This format is a variation of Commander, but with only Standard cards. This article looks at Wizard's new format and explains why you might want to give it a shot.

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How to Teach Magic: The Gathering to New Players

de RyanS (2018-03-15)

Do you remember your first game of Magic: The Gathering? How you felt while learning how to play? Did a friend teach you or was it someone at your Local Games Shop? Are you considering teaching a friend or a sibling Magic? What are the best ways to introduce new players to the game? In this article I will be exploring some ideas and give out some advice on how to teach MTG to new players.

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6 Formats That Could Spice Up Your Playgroup

de RyanS (2018-02-15)

You just started playing Magic: The Gathering but don't want to invest in a standard or modern deck? Or are you an experienced player looking for new ways to play Magic? Maybe you should speak to your Local Game Shop to organize a Tribal Wars league or any of these other exciting, underplayed formats.

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