Gianluca Aicardi

  • Name: Gianluca "Kumagoro" Aicardi
  • Preferred Format: Modern, Commander, Legacy Tribal Wars, Limited


I hail from Genoa, Italy.

When I don't write about Magic, I write about film and television. In general, I write a lot.

When I play Magic, I usually play something with green in it. I don't know why I like green so much, I'm not even so concerned about the environment (but I'm concerned enough).

When I don't play Magic, I play things like X-Wing or Zombicide. But mostly I watch films and TV shows.

When I do things I don't like to do as much as playing games and watching films, I'm a freelance translator, editor, and proofreader. I also worked as head of programming for a couple film festivals.

I might have some mild OCD.

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On Lower Tiers: Standard MBC

de Kumagoro (2018-08-08)

Despite the clear dominance of a few lists, Standard is a surprisingly diverse format right now and features a handful unsung heroes. One of these is Monoblack Torment, the most straightforward ramp archetype in the meta. Let's see where it's at now, and where it will go after the October rotation.

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Tribal Attractions: Hydras

de Kumagoro (2018-08-01)

With its strict, four-faction setting, Ixalan has been a very tribal block, and then Dominaria doubled down with some tribal focus of its own. Time for Kumagoro to have fun with Modern-legal concoctions for some less obvious tribes. In this installment: everyone's favorite polycephalous monstrosities.

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You Shall Not Heal: The Skullcrack Story

de Kumagoro (2018-07-27)

Burn is possibly the oldest strategy in the game, dating back to the wild times of "all bolts" decks. Lifegaining is the natural enemy of Burn and Skullcrack is the natural enemy of life gain. But there are others and Kumagoro divulges their short and fascinating history here.

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Inner Workings: Ad Nauseam

de Kumagoro (2018-07-18)

In each installment of the Inner Workings series, we'll examine a different Modern archetype to find out what makes it tick. This time, it's the turn of Ad Nauseam, the only combo deck in Modern to abuse a card also commonly seen in Legacy to create a flashier play.

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Dangerous Propositions: Seething Song

de Kumagoro (2018-07-13)

The Modern ban list is a maximum security prison with 33 inmates, some of which pose a serious threat to the meta. But now that Big Jace has been released, anything can happen. Let's review each of those offenders to see if they're eligible for parole. This time we talk of red's biggest mana ritual.

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