Jamin Kauf

Jamin Kauf is a twenty-year-old Cardmarket-sponsored GP grinder who has been playing Magic since he was 9 years old, picking up competitive tournaments around 15. He likes most competitive formats and his favorite deck to play is Legacy Storm (although he doesn't get to do that a lot).

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Surprises in Standard at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

de JaminK (2018-08-09)

M19 has been available in Standard for a bit and while it seemed like the existing decks were going to continue to dominate, there were many surprises during the Pro Tour. Jamin covers his expectations, the coolest decks from the PT, and a surprising Online PTQ metagame.

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A New Brawl - Again?!

de JaminK (2018-07-19)

It's not been long since Wizards last took action with Brawl and they are back at it again. Jamin discusses what these changes are, what purpose they serve. and what kinds of decks will take over in the new meta and what the new world of Brawl will look like going forward.

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Three Exciting Standard Decks

de JaminK (2018-07-04)

While thirteen of the Top 32 Standard decks at GP Pittsburgh included the mighty Goblin Chainwhirler, there’s still innovation to be found. Multiple decks only few people had on their radar made a splash this weekend including an old fan favorite.

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The New Brawl

de JaminK (2018-06-13)

With Brawl having a new Banlist and being back on Magic Online, it's time for Jamin to take a look at the way the metagame is shaping up. Which decks perform the best and which ones are played the most? Jamin has the answers in this interesting journey through 59-card decks.

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Storming Off in Standard

de JaminK (2018-06-01)

While everyone else in Standard is busy resolving [Walking Ballista or Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Jamin counts to fifty life instead. This mono blue newcomer has a lot of spice and Jamin explores whether it has what it takes to compete in a stacked Standard format.

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