Pietro Cavalletti

  • Name: Pietro "Elric" Cavalletti
  • Preferred Format: Old School, Vintage, Commander, Legacy


I started playing Magic in 1994, and I'm still in the game despite trying to leave it multiple times. I participated in a lot of tournaments back then and got some good results, but I'm too lazy to list them down. For merely affective and fun reasons, I largely prefer the old cards both as a player and as a collector, but I've played basically every format in the game.

I'm a kind of Jolly Joker (with the face of a Jester's Cap) being a collector, player, commentator, and writer. I'm passionate about Magic and all its aspects.

I will try to bring a little humor with a historical and classic point of view in my articles.

Todos los artículos de Pietro Cavalletti

The Hollow Renaissance of Vintage Dredge

de Elric (2018-06-27)

Pietro dives back into Viintage with a deep analysis of a new Vintage Dredge deck. A few recent cards gave the deck new and intriguing twist, Dredge decks have always been a stable deck in Vintage Top 8s. Let's open the history book and look at the new Dredge.

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How to Beat MUD: A Vintage Tier 1 Deck for 15 Years

de Elric (2018-05-23)

Most archetypes in Vintage Magic have defining cards which have not changed over the years. MUD, however, has changed entirely, yet it remains as one of the decks to beat. Why is that so and how can this deck be beaten?

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The Market of Played, Poor, and Damaged Cards: An Analysis

de Elric (2018-04-09)

Buying poor and played cards at the right price is not as easy as it seems. This article is an analysis of the used cards market with some advice on when you should go for used Magic cards.

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Spike-Phobia in the MTG Market: An Analysis

de Elric (2018-03-21)

Starting with the definition of “What is a spike?”, I will attempt to analyze the typical behaviors of MTG players when it comes to buying cards and give some hints on how to manage them.

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Bringing Commander 1v1 From The Kitchen Table to the Tournament Table

de Elric (2018-03-12)

Born as a causal format and intended for funny multiplayer games, today Commander 1v1 has garnered a large community and needs to move forward. This article will examine the major distinctions between the main Commander 1v1 formats and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

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