Dr. Hans Joachim Höh

  • Name: Dr. Hans Joachim Höh
  • Preferred Format: Legacy and Vintage


I studied computer science, psychology, sociology, and philosophy before specializing in logic and language processing in the brain for my doctorate. But my guess would be that most of you are more interested in my TCG expertise than my knowledge about brain processes, or mathematical logic and its application in philosophy. So, let us look at my gaming background instead:

I qualified for and played in 13 Magic Pro Tours/World Championships events between 2002 and 2006 with multiple high finishes at GPs and Pro Tours:

  • 5th at GP Reims 2002
  • 6th at GP Bochum 2004
  • 16th at GP Lille 2005
  • 19th at GP Hasselt 2006
  • 5th at PT New Orleans 2003
  • 20th at PT Columbus 2004
  • 30th at PT Kobe 2004

In 2005, I started switching my competitive focus to other games. My successes since then are too many to list. Here are some highlights:

  • First ranked in the VS. System global rating
  • 2x The Spoils National Champion
  • National Champion and Realm Champion in the WoW Miniatures Game
  • 5th at the WoW Miniatures World Championship
  • National Champion, 2x Realm Champion, and 3x V.I.P. in the World of Warcraft TCG
  • World Champion and Player of the Year in the World of Warcraft TCG
  • 3rd at the Sol Forge World Championship

By now, I am designing my own board/card games. My first game will be published by Amigo Spiele later this year.

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Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan: Just What the Doctor Ordered

de DrHoeh (2018-02-06)

Following a Pro Tour most players buy the cards they need to play the hot new decks, but that isn't what you should be doing to be financially efficient. The day after the Pro Tour is in fact the day to sell all the cards which you correctly identified as the future hotness way before the Pro Tour.

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Where Is Rivals of Ixalan Standard Headed After the Bannings?

de DrHoeh (2018-01-22)

One way to approach a new format is to bring your favorite old deck to the next tournament and hope that the new tech isn't all that hot. Thanks to the Standard banning last January 19, this is no longer really an option. So, what are you experimenting with for Rivals of Ixalan Standard?

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Black Bases

de DrHoeh (2018-01-13)

Modern decks have become so deadly, that you really want to disrupt the opposing game plan early and often.

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Rivalling Tribes

de DrHoeh (2018-01-04)

Which tribe will rise to the top?

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