Anders Thiesen

  • Name: Anders "Alakazimdk" Thiesen
  • Preferred Format: Legacy and Cube


I’m Anders Thiesen from Denmark. I’m mostly a Legacy specialist, but I’ll play any format. I’ve managed my way into the Top 8 of the European Legacy Championship twice, as well as lucksack my hands onto an MKMS Modern trophy. I used to travel around to judge GPs, but now I prefer competing in them. My goal for the season is to qualify for the Team Constructed PT, so that I can play Legacy on the biggest stage the game has to offer.

I stream on and you can read my Tweets @thiesenmagic. I have identified that the best music is Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen, of which there are plenty while I stream. Come say hi!

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So You Wanna Play Legacy

de Alakazimdk (2018-04-06)

Are you looking to get into Legacy, but don't know where to start? Fear not! Anders will bring you the beginner friendly options for your first venture into Legacy.

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Only Two Things in Life Are Certain: An Interview on Death and Taxes

de Alakazimdk (2018-03-26)

Recently I played versus "Egget" on MTGO and he showed me some new tech out of his R/W Death and Taxes deck that I piqued my curiosity. So I sat down and had a chat with him about how he came up with it and what results he has gotten as well as where he thinks the deck is headed from here.

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One More Thing! A Second Look at Legacy Miracles

de Alakazimdk (2018-03-13)

I ran the Mentor build in the MTGO Legacy Challenge this week and I feel that is a good opportunity to showcase a slightly different way to build Miracles than we saw last time. I'll go through the list and then my rounds.

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What is Dead May Never Die: A Look at Legacy Miracles

de Alakazimdk (2018-02-02)

Miracles was supposed to die with the passing of Sensei’s Divining Top, but somehow Tundra lovers managed to resurrect the archetype and pilot it to many top 8 finishes in major tournaments. Read below to find out how Miracles works and how it performs in the current Legacy metagame.

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My Legacy Picks for Team Trios Constructed GPs

de Alakazimdk (2018-01-23)

This article will try to give you and your team some options for the Legacy component of upcoming Team Constructed events. I’ll give each deck two scores, the first for experienced Legacy players and the second for players who are not as familiar with Legacy as a format. As with all Legacy lists, expect a high learning curve in a format with Wastelands, Brainstorms, and consistent turn 2-3 combo kills.

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