Sealed in M19

de ChristianS (2018-07-31)

Maybe Sealed in M19 is not quite as much fun as in Dominaria, but for me, playing limited with new magic cards is always challenging and satisfying. M19 has been out for two weeks now and today I want to share my experience in the sealed format and explain my approach to building a pool.

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Playing Your Cards Right: Sequencing in Modern

de HansD (2018-07-06)

Looking to take your Modern game up a notch? In this week's article, Hans tackles the topic of sequencing with the goal of helping you improve using some practical examples. Find out what it means to understand proper sequencing by taking a look inside!

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Grand Prix Barcelona Tournament Report - Choosing a Modern Deck

de Andifeated (2018-07-05)

In formats as old, diverse, and full of different viable strategies as Modern, one does not need to choose a deck based on the current metagame. Most competitive decks you may face only achieve about 3% meta-share, leading to almost unpredictable pairings, giving players who try to get an advantage by making smart deck choices and choosing strategies that are well placed against popular decks a hard time. This time though, it was a different story.

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Tips for Would-Be Tournament Grinders

de JohnnyCroat (2018-06-22)

Long time viewers of Grand Prix probably notice that coverage 'starts' with Round 4, when all the Platinum pros enter the fray. But getting to Platinum is hardly an easy journey, even for the professional grinders, so what hope might a player have from scratch? Time to build some good habits.

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First Picks in Dominaria

de Toffel (2018-05-14)

Sometimes your life is as easy as opening Karn, Scion of Urza, leaving you with no decision whatsoever. But most of the time, the first pick is quite difficult and sets the tone for the picks to come. In this article, I look at some booster pack and which cards I would pick from them.

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