Magic League: Not Only For Beginners

de Andifeated (2018-07-27)

Magic League is a casual limited format you can play at your local game store without tournament dates. It's the perfect entrance into the world of Magic for beginners, but it also offers great opportunities to play Magic for other players as well. Antidefeated is here to tell you why he plays Magic League.

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Azorius in Cube: Blinking the All-Seeing Eye

de SanchoN (2018-06-06)

Blinking, flickering and sliding are some of the names given to the effect of removing a permanent from the battlefield only to return it to play immediately or at the end of turn. This seemingly odd effect is at the core of a tried and tested cube archetype for Blue and White. In this installment of Cubes for squares you will learn the basic tricks associated with blinking and get some inspiration for implementing blink in your own limited environment.

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When to Play or Draw in Limited

de Toffel (2018-05-29)

Considering this choice doesn’t come up too often, but it is easy to overlook the right choice out of pure habit. You might, like so many, just play first by default, but there are some key factors that make playing second the right decision in many situations, especially in Sealed.

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First Picks in Dominaria

de Toffel (2018-05-14)

Sometimes your life is as easy as opening Karn, Scion of Urza, leaving you with no decision whatsoever. But most of the time, the first pick is quite difficult and sets the tone for the picks to come. In this article, I look at some booster pack and which cards I would pick from them.

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A Lesson on Draft's Hottest New Card

de Toffel (2018-02-09)

While others are bothered with gambling on their tribal synergy, you can draft a very powerful and consistent deck a lot people don't know about. This strategy has picked up a lot of attention during the Pro Tour, but it is still very effective on Magic Online or in your local drafts.

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