Magic League: Not Only For Beginners

de Andifeated (2018-07-27)

Magic League is a casual limited format you can play at your local game store without tournament dates. It's the perfect entrance into the world of Magic for beginners, but it also offers great opportunities to play Magic for other players as well. Antidefeated is here to tell you why he plays Magic League.

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Define This, Part Two: Tournament Structures

de Moudou (2018-07-16)

The second chapter of this series will cover the most popular tournament structures that you are likely to come across. In the following chapters, we will go over the in-game vocabulary. After that, we will into some specific notions such as Card Advantage or tie-breakers.

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Desperately Seeking Simic

de SanchoN (2018-07-10)

A lot of cube builders seem to consider Simic, the Blue-Green guild, as somewhat of a problem child when it comes to selecting archetypes for the various color pairs in their cube. They may end up just grafting together random good stuff and hope to watch it proliferate, but as we examine in this installment of Cubes for Squares there actually are various possibilities to be explored for those who want to create a more fit mutation that can adapt and survive in a limited environment.

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Get into the Gruul

de SanchoN (2018-06-28)

What should Green-Red do in your cube? Sometimes when constructing a limited environment for drafting Magic it is worth giving the obvious choice a try. And since the dawn of Magic the guild known as Gruul has proven quite good at producing lots of mana and casting very big spells with a casting cost of X.

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Define This Part One - Deck Categories

de Moudou (2018-06-26)

Magic is a game of terms. There are dozens of aspects of the game that are poorly defined and many unoffical words have become standard issue. In this article, Moudou will define and codify various deck categories in this, the first part of a longer series on Magic terminology.

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