Uno de los rasgos más destacados de Magic: el Encuentro se centra en sus formatos limitados. Ya sea Draft, sellado o un cubo, el Magic limitado ha cautivado a los jugadores desde siempre, tanto por su forma sencilla de participar como por la gran habilidad que se puede desarrollar jugando estos formatos. Los redactores tratan todos los aspectos de limitado, de las estrategias más nuevas de las ediciones más recientes a la mejor manera de construir cubos de Old School. Lee los últimos artículos de lo que el Magic limitado ofrece.

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Sum of Cubes - Summer Cube Catch Up

de SanchoN (2018-08-08)

No deeper [Nexus of Fate] may connect the three latest bigger releases from Wizards of the Coast. But simply being chronologically adjacent have destined Battlebond, Core 2019 and Commander 2018 to be reviewed together by Cubes for Squares. See which 10 cards we chose to recommend for testing in your own limited environment.

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Sealed in M19

de ChristianS (2018-07-31)

Maybe Sealed in M19 is not quite as much fun as in Dominaria, but for me, playing limited with new magic cards is always challenging and satisfying. M19 has been out for two weeks now and today I want to share my experience in the sealed format and explain my approach to building a pool.

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Desperately Seeking Simic

de SanchoN (2018-07-10)

A lot of cube builders seem to consider Simic, the Blue-Green guild, as somewhat of a problem child when it comes to selecting archetypes for the various color pairs in their cube. They may end up just grafting together random good stuff and hope to watch it proliferate, but as we examine in this installment of Cubes for Squares there actually are various possibilities to be explored for those who want to create a more fit mutation that can adapt and survive in a limited environment.

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How to Predict Limited Environments with M19

de Toffel (2018-07-05)

M19 is right around the corner and probably everybody who will draft it at a pre-release is wondering what to expect. Will the latest expansion's gameplay be fast or slow? Let’s take a look at some points of my Limited evaluation for the new Core 2019 set.

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Get into the Gruul

de SanchoN (2018-06-28)

What should Green-Red do in your cube? Sometimes when constructing a limited environment for drafting Magic it is worth giving the obvious choice a try. And since the dawn of Magic the guild known as Gruul has proven quite good at producing lots of mana and casting very big spells with a casting cost of X.

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