Prague Standard Tech

The Standard event in Prague contained some interesting tech.

When I left for Prague last week I was afraid that the Pro Tour could shake up the format more than it actually did. I didn't think that it would or should have – I just wasn't comfortable being unable to follow the action live due to my own coverage duties. We will try to avoid schedule conflicts between the MKM Series and the Pro Tour in the future, but it definitely isn't easy to find unproblematic dates.

Looking back at my list of cards to watch from last week, my predictions were mostly spot on. The cards on the “under-performers” list stayed out of the spotlight, and therefore continued their downward trend. Hopefully you stayed away from them as advised.

Most of the cards from the “best cards” list and the “up-and-coming” kept on rising in value.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy / Jace, Telepath Unbound Pre PT: 50,16 € Post PT: 55,59 €

Hangarback Walker Pre PT: 11,95 € Post PT: 14,60 €

Radiant Flames Pre PT: 1,29 € Post PT: 1,43 €

Oblivion Sower Pre PT: 3,29 € Post PT: 3,84 €

Ojutai's Command Pre PT: 1,83 € Post PT: 2,12 €

Dragonmaster Outcast Pre PT: 1,82 € Post PT: 2,55 €

These are the Price Trends for those cards, so some of them are actually selling for more than than that, while others have started to come down again from their price spike during the Pro Tour. As always, selling additional copies during the Pro Tour hype is a good idea to lock in profits. For some cards there might be later spikes, which could give you even better returns, but cashing out during the Pro Tour will on average be better for you more often than not.

We didn't focus on Standard in our video coverage in Prague, bringing you the rarely showcased Vintage on Friday instead, as you could watch more than enough Standard games getting played the Pro Tour. That doesn't mean that our Standard main event in Prague wasn't interesting though! In fact Andreas Dippon won the Swiss part of the event with his intriguing Ramp deck, which might be good enough to see much more play in the current metagame than the Pro Tour metagame breakdown suggests. He had no trouble beating three Atarka Red and two Jeskai Black decks, which also were the two most played decks at the Pro Tour, before he got quite unlucky draws in the quarter-finals. Have the Pro Teams dismissed the ramp strategies too early?

He was using the life gain of Jaddi Offshoot, Retreat to Kazandu and Nissa's Renewal to stay alive while ramping up with Explosive Vegetation and From Beyond into Dragonlord Dromoka, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger.

Most of the cards in that deck are quite cheap except for Ugin and Ulamog. If this deck can be refined to become a serious Standard contender Ulamog could double in price over night and even the already overpriced Ugin could see additional gains, once players start using playsets of this card instead of the usual singleton.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger From (EX+): 11,49 €

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