Set Information

The expansion Guardians Rising will be available in stores at August 4th 2017 and is the third set in the Sun and Moon era. The expansion will be legal for tournament play in both Standard and Expanded by August 18th.

General Information

This expansion contains cards from the japanese set „To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow · Darkness that Consumes Light“


This set continues the release of GX Pokémon and their unique attacks that can only be used once per game.

We will get twelve new GX-Pokémon. Some of these brand new GX-Pokemon will have a alternative silver-shining design, in addition to their regular one. These GX-Pokemon are Charizard, Noivern, Gardevoir, Alolan Muk, Marshadow, Necrozma, Golisopod, Darkrai, Ho-Oh, machamp and Tapu Fini

The strongest of these GX is Gardevoir GX who not only has a very strong regular attack, but is also one of the most liked Pokémon by fans so it’s pretty much assured that we will see it at tournaments. Two other favorites – Darkrai and Charizard, also have some decent potential but we will have to see how they will impact the game

Of course there are also some regular Pokémon with nice attacks or abilities, such as Vileplume who would’ve been very strong some formats ago by pairing it with ist item lock variant. When Volcanion and Darkrai ruled the format, Vileplumes ability to prevent basic Pokémon from attacking would’ve been super powerful. Now that stage 1s are the most played, Vileplume is only a card to keep in mind. Talking about evolutions, we’ve got Diance who very similar to Spiritomb from Arceu allows you to evolve your Pokémon by using ist attack. The card is already well established in Gardevoir decks in Japan so it’s pretty safe to say that it’ll make ist appearance in the US and Europa at some point. .


Of course we're also presented with new Trainer cards which are going to bring some new effects into the game

For the item cards we will see one interesting new card and one old card that makes ist return. „Muscular Dumbell“ is an interesting card to make your stage-1s even bulkier where Super Scoop Up is a card that made ist appearance in the TCG quite often by now and has pretty much always seen play.

The Supporter cards of this set are probably the more interesting part. Where Guzma is just a slightly better version of Lysandre, who we will lose after Rotation, Plumeria and Kiawe are the real deal. Kiawe is probably the strongest supporter right now to have on your first turn, and thanks to Tapu Lele that’s actually very likely which makes him a safe bet for fire decks. Plumeria will probably see play in disruption deckst hat can afford discarding two cards from their hand to get rid of an energy.


The focus of this set is definatily the continuation of GX Pokémon by adding new Pokémon such as Tapu Fini, Necrozma and Marshadow.

This set brings a lot of ne wand interesting cards for both collectors and players.

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