Christian Seibold

  • Name: Christian Seibold
  • Preferred Format: Limited, Standard, Modern


I have been playing MTG since I was 18 years old and my first Pro Tour debut was PT San Juan (2010). 

Accomplishments: 1x Pro Tour Top 8, 4x GP Top 8 (1 win), 2 years Gold Pro, 2 years Silver Pro. Nowadays, I have less time for traveling and playing in many tournaments because of my job and family, but I still play GPs every now and then. 

I started (like many others) collecting Pokémon cards and tried out some other games like Yu-Gi-Oh!. But eventually, I ended up focusing on the one and only TCG: Magic The Gathering.

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Top 3 Standard Decks I've Played at Pro Tours

By ChristianS (2018-08-10)

Standard has been pretty dull lately, turbo fog and paradoxical outcome aside. Christian has decided that instead of rehashing the same old broken standard decks sporting a certain whirling goblin, he'd look back at his favorite decks through the ages in this look back at Standard years past.


Sealed in M19

By ChristianS (2018-07-31)

Maybe Sealed in M19 is not quite as much fun as in Dominaria, but for me, playing limited with new magic cards is always challenging and satisfying. M19 has been out for two weeks now and today I want to share my experience in the sealed format and explain my approach to building a pool.


The Most Powerful Rares of M19 for Standard

By ChristianS (2018-07-12)

Last time, I talked about the new Elder Dragons and Planeswalkers of the latest Core set. This time around, I'm writing about the most powerful rares of M19 for the Standard format. While the best cards of M19 seem to be Elder Dragons, there are still some good rares which could impact Standard. M19 focused a bit on tribals, but there are also other cards with potential.


Planeswalkers and Dragons in M19

By ChristianS (2018-06-29)

Core sets are back and our reviewers are raring to let you know what cards matter for which formats! Chrstian is taking a look at the core set in Standard over the next few weeks. Here, he tackles two cycles in M19 - Planeswalkers and Elder Dragons, and judges their merit in the upcoming Standard.


Team Unified Standard Strategy

By ChristianS (2018-06-07)

Christian has been hard at work prepping for the upcoming RPTQ with his teammates and he has some thoughts on Team Unified Standard and what decks are the decks to watch for. Join him as he dives into this unique format and some of the challenges teams must overcome to bring the best composition to bear.