New Affiliate Program

2014-04-28 12:50:25

We are excited to present you our new affiliate program. Now it will be still more rewarding to bring your friends to Cardmarket! Furthermore, professional sellers may now also participate! You can find all details of the new program here


2014-02-03 14:24:45

As of today, we have created a new seller category: the PowerSellers. This is a very restricted group of professional sellers who must combine a high number of sales, a widespread offer and outstanding customer service / feedback. Offers by PowerSellers are highlighted in the offer list.

Magiccardmarket API 1.0 released

2014-01-30 16:24:49

We have just released the first version of our API (programming interface). If you are a software developer and would like to work with our API, please consult

Your personal API key is displayed in your user profile page.

New Feature: Card Popularity Filter

2014-01-30 13:53:14

Everytime you're browsing through cards on MCM/TCGmarket, you can now order them by popularity. Go to "Products -> Singles" and then choose the option "Sort By: Popularity". This will sort the cards as a function of the number of copies sold over the last month.

New Bulk Edit Mode for "My articles"

2014-01-23 15:00:44

As of today, there is a new and more efficient way to manage your stock: the bulk edit mode.

In order to bulk modify your articles, please go to "My articles", select the desired ones with the filter and then click on the "Bulk Edit Mode" link in the top-right corner of your article list. You can then edit all your aticles at once.

You can also do mass modifications. To do this, check all articles that you want to modifiy and use the bulk modification form on top of the table and confirm with [OK]. Please make sure to check the information about how to mass modify prices by moving the mouse to the blue information icon next to the price field.

Once you have finished modifying, commit your changes by clicking on the [OK] button in the blue title bar of the article list.

We sincerly hope that this makes life easier for you!