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FFV Artist Matsuda Toshitaka Takes the Starring Role in the Opus VII Illustrations

Final Fantasy VII was, in many ways, a major turning point for the iconic Final Fantasy franchise. It gave Square Enix (then Squaresoft) some sway in the western world and made the Final Fantasy series the definitive JRPG for western audiences. Well, like their video game brethren, the FFTCG expansions are also assigned Roman numerals with Opus VII just around the corner. Releasing in November 2018, only time will tell whether it will live up to the hype that the number 7 invokes in the Final Fantasy fanbase. You've got to imagine they're going to bring their A-game for this one! Check back in early October 2018 for the full expansion breakdown, including a look at some of the standout cards that people should be looking for.