Leo Bartolome

  • Name: Léo "Moudou" Bartolomé
  • Preferred Format: Modern and Standard


I am Moudou. I stream myself losing a lot and I write about crazy ideas. I won a PPTQ and a Game Day, went undefeated on a four-match event, cashed on the Grand Prix scene, and went 5-0 on MTGO. Once each.

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Define This, Part Two: Tournament Structures

von Moudou (2018-07-16)

The second chapter of this series will cover the most popular tournament structures that you are likely to come across. In the following chapters, we will go over the in-game vocabulary. After that, we will into some specific notions such as Card Advantage or tie-breakers.

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Define This Part One - Deck Categories

von Moudou (2018-06-26)

Magic is a game of terms. There are dozens of aspects of the game that are poorly defined and many unoffical words have become standard issue. In this article, Moudou will define and codify various deck categories in this, the first part of a longer series on Magic terminology.

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